1. Where is the Crosswalk Commons located?
    925 Hilltop Drive, just north of Tower Drive.
  2. How old is Crosswalk Commons?
    Crosswalk Commons opened in the Fall of 2013...everything is new!
  3. Are you currently leasing?
    Yes, you can sign a lease now. E-mail info@granitesl.com to apply for a lease.
  4. Why should I live at Crosswalk?
    a) On-site staff with international experience; b) Live with others who want to be in an international community. c) Regular activities designed for international students d) Local community connections e) American travel and cultural opportunities f) All new suites
  5. What is "Resident Membership"?
    Crosswalk Commons is located on Purdue's campus and is designated for Purdue students and scholars. It is connected with a registered student organization at Purdue called Salt & Light Christian Fellowship (SLCF). Those living at Crosswalk Commons will be granted "resident membership" with the organization which will grant them the privilege of being part of the Crosswalk community. While not being required to be a Christian, each resident member will agree to certain codes of conduct which will encourage a good living/study environment.
  6. Is there a Resident Membership fee?
  7. Is Resident Membership at Crosswalk Commons exclusive?
    No, you are free to be a member of more than one student organization.
  8. As a Resident Member, is there a required level of involvement in organization-led/hosted events or activities?
    No, although community-minded residents are desired, there is no required level of involvement in SLCF-led/hosted events.
  9. What is the difference between Crosswalk Commons and a Residence Hall Learning Community?
    a) An intergenerational, internationally experienced on-site staff b) Domestic and international students living together with the intention of teaching and learning from one another from a cultural/practical perspective. c) Activities in-house to address specific cultural and practical needs of international students d) Connection to the Greater Lafayette community. e) Opportunities to connect with American culture and sites beyond the Greater Lafayette community. f) Each Crosswalk suite has a kitchen with a refrigerator, a microwave, a dishwasher, and gas stove.
  10. Can I pay my rent online with a credit card?
    Yes, you can pay online with a credit card using our convenient RentPayment service. A service fee applies to credit card payments.
  11. Do I need my own furniture?
    No! Crosswalk Commons is fully furnished!
  12. Do I need to arrange for utilities (water, gas, electric, trash, internet)?
    No! Utilities (electricity, gas, water, sewage, trash, and internet) will stay in Crosswalk's name so you don't have to deal with the hassle of calling each of the utility companies.
  13. Are utilities included in the rent price?
    No. The price of utilities is covered by an additional reasonable monthly utility fee which includes; electric, heat/airconditioning, water, trash, and high speed internet! There's no need to contact individual utility companies and no utility deposits are needed!
  14. What does the rent include?
    The rent includes a fully-furnished living space and use of Crosswalk's commons areas, study rooms, lounge, game room, and more. (Utilities are covered by a small monthly fee that is fixed).
  15. Is this a 12 month lease?
    Usually. However, there are a limited number of suites available which will have the opportunity for visiting scholars who need a shorter term lease.
  16. Can I sublease at Crosswalk Commons?
    Yes. You can sublease. There is a small fee associated with subleasing. Please ask for details and review your lease document
  17. Is there parking at Crosswalk Commons?
    Yes. Parking spaces are associated with individual leases and are offered on a first come, first served basis.
  18. Where is the closest bus stop to Crosswalk Commons?
    At the intersection of Hilltop Drive and Tower Drive, less than 100 meters from the Crosswalk Commons building!
  19. Is there a kitchen in every suite?
    Yes, a fully equiped kitchen including microwave ovens and dishwashers as well as a full sized refrigerator, gas stove, and plenty of cabinet space.
  20. Is Resident Membership at Crosswalk Commons exclusive?
    No, you are free to be a member of more than one student organization.
  21. How do I become a Resident Ambassador?
    Crosswalk Commons is connected to a Purdue student organization (Salt & Light) with a specific goal and vision. Becoming a resident member is foundational to becoming a Resident Ambassador. All Resident Ambassador appointments are made by the Crosswalk board of directors following the application and interview process.
  22. Is there on-site staff?
    Yes. Crosswalk Commons has internationally experienced on-site staff on a daily basis.
  23. What if I don't want to cook at Crosswalk Commons, are there food options nearby?
    The Ford Dining Court (1122 W. Stadium Ave, West Lafayette, IN 47906) is about 480 meters (a 6 minute walk) from the Crosswalk Commons building. Resident Members of Crosswalk Commons are able to establish a BoilerExpress Account which can be utilized at any of the Purdue dining courts.
  24. Why do you think another apartment complex was needed at Purdue?
    This is not an apartment complex. Crosswalk Commons is a building being constructed by a 501c3 organization, Crosswalk Project, Inc., aimed at connecting lives of international and domestic students and people in the Greater Lafayette community.
  25. It seems like the primary goal for the setup of the apartment is to bring international students and domestic students together. What do you hope for students to get out of this experience?
    The desire of the Crosswalk Commons is for the Resident Members to learn from one another. As an international student from China who spoke at the Crosswalk Ground Breaking Ceremony on November 4, 2012 said: "The Crosswalk is designed to enhance the friendship among international students and domestic students. I believe it will be a place, where we international students can learn much about American culture by activities connecting people from local community. This will be helpful for us to merge into the American culture."
  26. Can you tell me the specifics of the apartment in terms of how many rooms it will have (dorm room like or apartment like), how many students in one apartment, and any other cool features of the apartment?
    These are suite-style units, each having a kitchen, mainly two and four fully furnished bedroom units with four occupants in each unit. Other benefits include secure entry, free WiFi throughout the building. Utilities are covered by a reasonable additional utility fee.